A short list of fun facts about The Altitude Gym

  • simulatedaltitude-training
  • 4,200mreduced atmosphere
  • efficientblood oxygen flow
  • improveendurance

Experience the effects of a simulated altitude-training chamber that can transport you to an altitude of up to 4,200m in an oxygen reduced atmosphere. After a number of sessions, your heart, lung capacity and blood oxygen flow is more efficient and can improve your endurance or increase health & weight loss goals.

We can customise a program for you based on your specific goals, be they weight loss, athletic, or trekking related.


A session at The Altitude Gym is ideal for: Reward & Recognition programs | Wet weather sports club training | Breaking through weight loss and training plateaus | Acclimatise to high altitude prior to your trekking trip | Time poor athletes .

  • No mask needed
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  • Oxygen reduced atmosphere
  • Increase your VO2max by 5 percent
  • Improve Oxygen flow
  • Endurance or increase health
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  • Increase endurance by 38 percent
  • Weight loss
  • Online Booking
  • Membership cards available
  • Open Early
  • Secure Facility
  • Virtual & Instructor lead classes
  • Air Conditioned
  • Access to Change Rooms
  • 8 percent Increase in Power.



Mike N (2016)

Just to let you know, I returned from Kilimanjaro and Meru a few weeks ago and had successful summits of both mountains. It was brilliant! The sessions in the Altitude Gym certainly helped a lot with training and acclimatisation (plus spending 3 weeks before the climb in various game parks with altitudes ranging from 1,500 – 3,200m) and I had no problems with the altitude on Kili as a result. So, many thanks for your help in my training sessions a couple of months ago.


Hank H (2017)

The training, advice and support I received at The Altitude Gym helped me tremendously with my recent Mt Kilimanjaro climb. I hardly suffered from any altitude related symptoms and did not need to take any medication. It was only above 5,000m that I felt a little effect from the altitude (slight headache and restricted breathing). Training with a backpack and weights helped strengthened my upper body and I had no problems with carrying the backpack while on the climb. Thanks Jason I couldn’t have made it without your support.


The Altitude Gym Gosford, Central Coast


The Altitude Gym is located on the first floor of the Central Coast Leagues Club in Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW


The Altitude Gym Central Coast
Level 1 CCLC
1 Dane Drive
Gosford, NSW

Telephone: (02) 4306 4611