Personal Trainers

Ken Kirk

Having a passion for personal fitness, triathlons and helping others, Ken established K2Fitness twelve months ago to incorporate his dedication and knowledge to help others achieve their goals. With over 30 years’ experience in training and competing in triathlons, Ken has a wealth of knowledge in general fitness and triathlon specific training, and is now….
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Jason Krishnan

Happiest on cold, windy and miserable climbing expeditions on far-flung mountains, Jason is an avid mountaineer and an ultra-endurance athlete. In October 2018, he became the 24th Australian to summit Mt Manaslu, the eight highest mountain in the world. He has done the Everest Base Camp trek five times and climbed in all continents except Europe and Antarctica. Jason has….
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Coz Vallelonga

Coz has been employed in a management role the Fitness Industry for the last 7 years. Realizing that so much of the Fitness Industry was focused on the unrealistic “Hardcore” lifestyle, he decided to try and make a change first hand by working with clients directly, and showing people that step by step, you CAN take control of your fitness whilst juggling family and….
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