Testimonials from Members who have trained at The Altitude Gym Gosford


Just to let you know, I returned from Kilimanjaro and Meru a few weeks ago and had successful summits of both mountains. It was brilliant! The sessions in the Altitude Gym certainly helped a lot with training and acclimatisation (plus spending 3 weeks before the climb in various game parks with altitudes ranging from 1,500 – 3,200m) and I had no problems with the altitude on Kili as a result. So, many thanks for your help in my training sessions a couple of months ago.
Cheers. Mike N (2016)

Mike N, at Kilimanjaro

Thank you for all your support during our training to achieve our Mt Kilimanjaro climb. You are an inspiration. All the best on your upcoming challenge.
Kind regards. Graeme, Cathy and Scott D (2016)

I first started going to The Altitude Gym at Central Coast Leagues Club around 3 months prior to a trip I had been planning to South America. I used the room for walking on the treadmills for an hour at a time (ranging my incline). At first I didn’t notice any great difference to my fitness. However, after a month of at least 2 and often 3 visits per week I started to feel fitter. When my trip finally came around, I felt ready to tackle Machu Picchu. When I was climbing Machu Picchu I really started to understand just how much the Altitude Room had helped me!!! I should mention that I am not a particularly fit person; I have never been a runner or a sportsperson. In fact I’m the kind of person breathing heavily as I walk up any hill or staircase. My partner who I travelled with has always been the fit one of us, he runs, plays soccer and goes to the gym once if not twice, 5 days a week. I was beyond shocked when I found that I was actually kicking his butt on the Machu Picchu Trail, I bounded up the hill dancing to my beats as I went. I had to leave him behind!!! I was the leader of the pack the whole time keeping up with a fitness guru and NY City Marathon runner. I always assumed I’d be clutching at my chest and trailing at the back and here I was absolutely smashing it!!! The high altitude of the mountain was no match for me and I have the Altitude Room to thank. Thanks Altitude Room!!! You have improved my fitness and given me the confidence to tackle new challenges.
Best regards. Jean B (2016)

I’ve been training at Altitude since November 2015 and know I’ve benefited in many ways from this training! Amongst other things, it has improved my focus at work, heightened my fitness level and has been a lot of fun (amidst the suffering). In my initial session, Jason took me through all the scientific reasons why training at altitude is beneficial; the way my body would learn to be more efficient with less oxygen, how training at altitude would allow me to achieve better fitness with less effort, and how keen athletes would pay loads of money to go to places with high altitudes for this kind of training. These weren’t the reasons I started altitude training. For me it was simply that the staff took care to give me expert advice and motivate me to strive to be better. From my very first session at altitude I noticed that I was able to think more clearly and be more alert. I now continue to train at The Altitude Gym for enjoyment and to maintain my fitness level.

I’ve made many good friendships with people who train at The Altitude Gym. They motivate me to press on and conquer challenges that I had never dreamed of tackling. In 2016, I took on Jason’s challenge to enter the Bay to Bay fun run – my first 12km run. He put together a 4-week training program designed specifically for me. I’m not a runner, but I finished those 12 kilometres in 1 hour 5 minutes. That’s what training at altitude with expert guidance can do! Another challenge I did in November 2016 was hiking in Nepal, to Everest Base Camp. Again, Jason put together a training program for me and the others who were planning to do this trek. The training was intense, but well worth it as I was able to enjoy the trek and stay well! I like variety in my workouts, and The Altitude Gym caters well for this! Jason puts up new challenges for us to conquer at altitude, the latest being the ‘1000 rep challenge’. The Altitude Gym also has a wide assortment of equipment and training videos, including Sufferfest videos, treadmills machines, bicycles, a Skierg machine (like a rower, but upright), TRX fitness station and weights.
Best regards, Elissa M (2017)

Elissa, Jason & Ivy with two of our Sherpa Guides on our 2016 Everest Base Camp Trip.

I am 100% certain the altitude training was what got me to Everest Base Camp. I am not lean & fit (at all) but the altitude training program with Jason and the crew at The Altitude Gym had me conditioned and ready for the challenge. The trek is fatiguing and very demanding, but I didn’t suffer any shortness of breath or other altitude related fitness issues since I was acclimated to low oxygen and hard work! Highly recommend for general fitness or before you do any altitude traveling.
Regards, Jason T (2017)

The training, advice and support I received at The Altitude Gym helped me tremendously with my recent Mt Kilimanjaro climb. I hardly suffered from any altitude related symptoms and did not need to take any Diamox. It was only above 5,000m that I felt a little effect from the altitude (slight headache and restricted breathing). Training with a backpack and weights helped strengthened my upper body and I had no problems with carrying the backpack while on the climb. Thanks Jason I couldn’t have made it without your support.
Cheers, Hank H (2017)

Hank H at Kilimanjaro

I completed the Everest Base Camp trek in November 2016. Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp was an experience unlike any I’ve had before. It began long before I flew into Nepal. That day in November 2015, when I went to see what training at altitude was like, I had no idea it would lead me to such heights! I have Jason to thank for planting the seed of the idea and for making it possible. Jason organised an information evening in July 2016, where we could ask all the questions we wanted to know the answers to. By the end of the month I had signed up.

Altitude Fitness partnered with Grand Himalaya to provide a wonderful trekking experience. At every point, I could rely on Jason to provide reliable and helpful advice. First and foremost, Jason gave me an intense 3-month training schedule to work toward in preparation for the arduous trek. On top of this, he ensured that our travel documentation, accommodation, meals and itinerary were organised for the group. We were given a packing list and practical tips on how to pack smart. Jason was spot on about November being a good month to trek. We were blessed with perfect weather and were able to fly into and out of Lukla airport without any hassles. Lukla airport is apparently the most dangerous airport in the world and any reduction in visibility can delay flights for days.

I enjoyed training with friends who were going to do the same trek as me. We did an intense session every Thursday evening and Saturday morning, when the altitude was pushed higher than usual. The training was a mixture of high impact, short interval training, weight training, cycling, jogging and long walks, carrying 5 kilos in our backpacks.

I trekked to Everest Base Camp in a small group of three, plus our Nepalese guide and porter. We knew our trekking buddies through training at Altitude. Being a small group, we were able to change the itinerary on the go as we learnt what we were capable of trekking at ‘real’ altitude in the time we had. Most trekking companies stick to the average trekking route and the group is wide mixture of abilities. Instead of trekking the average tourist route, our group trekked to the beautiful Gokyo Lakes and crossed over the snowy Chola Pass. On the average tourist route, you wouldn’t get to step on snow like our group did! With the intense training we did in Australia before going to Nepal, our group did not need to take any medication for altitude sickness, and we were able to complete the trek in 13 days, including optional early morning treks up Gokyo Ri and Kala Patthar. I did both, and can say I’ve summited to 5,545 metres on top of Kala Patthar! This is actually higher than Everest Base Camp (5,367 metres).

On the trek the scenery and climate changed almost every day. Our group started trekking from Lukla, amongst the green valleys and meandering river. It was warm enough for summer clothes. Each day we trekked higher, it became colder and rocks replaced the green shrubs. We reached Everest Base Camp on day 10. Everest Base Camp itself is not what I would call beautiful. It is stunning to look at the Khumbu ice fall and consider those people who have made the crossing to summit Everest itself, but most of the glacier is covered with a layer of dust. It is a desert wasteland, a place where you don’t want to stay too long. If you want beauty, I’d suggest the Blue Mountains instead! But then you may not have a porter to carry your gear, a guide to tell you where to go or the experience of a life time!

After our trek we had a few days in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is another world completely! It is busy, dirty and noisy. People crowd the streets. You’ll hear constant tooting of horns as pedestrians, cars and motor bikes negotiate the chaotic streets. While we were in Kathmandu, our Nepalese trekking company, Grand Himalaya, put us up in Hotel Shanker, a hotel which had been a palace. It was a convenient walking distance from the main shopping and tourist district in Kathmandu, but far enough away for peace and quiet. We were taken on a cultural tour of Kathmandu, visiting religious sites of renown, such as the Monkey Temple, Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath Temple.

If you are up for an enjoyable adventure of a life time, I highly recommend going with The Altitude Gym!

Elissa M (2017)

Elissa M on our 2016 Everest Base Camp Trip

Hi mate, just letting you know I won the sprint world championship for masters 40-44. Thanks for all your help and making the altitude available for me on a Sunday. It definitely helped with my repeat sprint performance and recovery with my fastest ride being my last one in a best of 3 final.
Michael Smith – Track Cyclist, and reigning World Champion.